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Pinterest Made Simple: High Intent, Low Intent

published7 days ago
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March 15, 2023

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This Week's Podcast

Today's podcast is fun, deep, intriguing, at times a little down on Pinterest, but VERY cool.

Here's the back story that you'll hear more about on the pod. I (Kate) got a little stalker-ish and followed a guy on LinkedIn.

He had a super cool YouTube video where he said "Pinterest is high intent and low intent". I liked his perspective and wanted to have him on the show.

He comes from the high-end agency world working with big brands. He sometimes uses fancy marketing language, but don't let that stop you from listening.

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Pinterest Marketing Tip

While the podcast explains high intent, low intent - lets expand a little bit on it here, and how you can leverage this for your marketing.

  1. People on Pinterest are searching for specific terms. They want what they want when they want it. And they want a LOT of options. Straight to the search bar they go with HIGH INTENT. This is why we keyword our pin titles, pin descriptions, board names and board descriptions. We want the algorithm to know where to place the Pin when a Pinner is searching with high intent.
  2. Let's take that Pinner and their frantic search for amazing roof colors (this is an actual event that happened this weekend while with a friend). As she was searching with high intent for roof colors, she noticed house paint colors as well. She began to click on the images for the house paint color. This was LOW INTENT. She's not going to paint her house right now, alongside getting a new roof. But she does want the roof to match the color of the house. Then in that same moment, a kitchen image pops up. Now she's scrolling through kitchen images and in dreamer mode.

See how fast a Pinner tumbles down the road of low intent? This is why it's important in your marketing to know the target of high intent, but be prepared to have people encounter you with low intent.


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