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Pinterest Made Simple: A backstory of why

published21 days ago
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March 1, 2023

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This Week's Podcast

Have you ever wondered why agencies choose certain services?

Why did they choose monthly management for people?

What about image creation?

Oftentimes, we look at a menu of options and we’re obviously looking for how it can serve us, but sometimes it’s good to ask them why they have that option there.

What led them to decide it was important for their clients?

That’s what we’re diving into in today's podcast - why we have the Pinterest services that we do.

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Pinterest Marketing Tip

Let's talk positivity and shopping.

First, Pinterest is making some key moves to build a better internet. This is awesome and a totally commendable move. Especially as Gen Z increasingly sees violent things on the internet.

But I'll share this with you as one parent to another, it's not free of things kids shouldn't see. IYKWIM.

My girls and I regularly talk about how awesome the platform is, but how they do come across the images they shouldn't be seeing. Just a note that even though it's positive, don't assume or check out on asking questions.

I think of it as teaching digital responsibility.

Second, shopping. I've heard so many friends say they bought something via Instagram. I know I have. I've also bought things from Pinterest.

So with IG shutting down their pathways for shopping (which seems CRAZY pants), this makes room for Pinterest. If you haven't set up your shop integrations, now is the time.


🛍🛍 If you haven't set up your shop on Pinterest, we have a workshop for you! If you're super new to selling products on Pinterest, check out our complete Pinterest for E-commerce bundle.

📩📩 Email lists and Pinterest have been on our minds lately, and a lot of you seem to have it on your minds too. We've been using Pinterest to help us grow our email list for over 9 years now, so we thought it was high-time we created a workbook to help you do the same. Check it out!

👩‍💻👩‍💻 Speaking of Gen Z! Planoly has a great guide out for Gen Z marketing trends. It's so important to keep tabs on your audience and what they're looking for.

Cheers to the first of March! Can you even believe it?

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