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Pinterest Made Simple: $100K sales from Pinterest

published14 days ago
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March 8, 2023

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This Week's Podcast

We're reluctant to share financial reports on the Simple Pin Podcast for two reasons.

One, we don't want someone to feel like they are less than after hearing someone else's report. Second, we don't want anyone to assume the results can be recreated. A little like a weight loss ad - "results not typical".

However, we also know there is room for inspiration and hearing about someone succeed.

It's important. It's vital for growth. And it gives us a series of ah-ha moments that meld into our business and help us grow.

That's why today's story of how Kerrie Fitzgerald scaled her business to $100K in sales from Pinterest in 2 years is important.

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πŸ›ŽοΈ Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Andrea Mallard, joins the board of Kajabi (saw this on LinkedIn...very interesting)

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Pinterest Marketing Tip

Last week, I (Kate), had the privilege of speaking on a panel for Tastemaker conference in Chicago. First conference out of the gate, and I'm energized and ready for more.

The questions were AMAZING and the side conversations were awesome as well. It gave me insight, excitement, and encouragement to keep creating ways for you to market on Pinterest more effectively.

I want to touch on one question I got again and again.

Can I pin a pin again after I pinned it the first time?

YES! 100% yes!

First goal, don't spam people.

Second goal, share again to a new board so that the algorithm has more data to know what the pin is about.

Third, it extends the life and reach of a pin.

Note that the first pin that hits the platform usually gets the most engagement, but second and third pins do as well. This is noted in our data from working with clients

So pin again my friends! Let that beautiful pin you created get seen by more people.


πŸ“šπŸ“š My sweet friend Amanda McKinney interviewed me for her book and one of her guests referenced that interview in this podcast (around minute 33).

When you pre-order the book, Uncover Your Confidence, you get access to her private podcast feed. Amanda is someone I highly recommend following, especially if you're in the fitness or yoga space. She's just a gem!

πŸŽ™πŸŽ™ At the Tastemaker conference, people asked where I'll be speaking next -- Creator Economy Expo in Cleveland. Check it out! I've never been, but some of the speakers and sessions look amazing. If you're interested in attending, it looks like prices go up on March 31st.

πŸ“©πŸ“© Convertkit has a free, 5-module Newsletters for Creators course available right now. Learn how to set your newsletter up for success, share it with the world (aka the readers you want), and more. Looks like a great resource!

Happy March! Spring come soon, please. :)

​Kate Ahl, Melody Hansen, Daphne Kirk